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MoCCA Arts Fest, NYC- June 2007

Mort Todd at the exhibitor check-in with some sort of drama up front.


John Holstrom at check-in. Stay in line, punk!


Dave Savage manning up the Manual Comics table.


Eric Knisley and friend.


MoCCA 2007


Shannon O'Leary after receiving an unsettling text message from Musikoff (kinda, not really).


Stan Yan & Peter Quach


Miss Lasko-Gross married Kevin Colden .


Lauren Forsch, Kate Allen, Cheese


Kaiju Girl




Michelangelo Cicerone can't stop drawin!


Cartoonist and DJ Pat. James Longo


Afterparty MC


R Bar


The Hoppes


Sir Jeff Fox


The MoCCA Staff


an unprovoked afterparty performance (?)


S. Baumann seeing red, yay!


Dr. Cube vs. Bouncer


Ms. Kate Allen


B. Musikoff & Rob Reilly


Kaiju's Bill Woods and Birthdaygirl Stacy.


some help under the table


House of Twelve with half of John Kuramoto


Sarah Oleksyk flipping the bird to her sucky bird wrap.


Expoed out.


grafiti found at The Burp Castle Tavern


from the mural at The Burp Castle Tavern

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