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Andrice Arp

The very talented Ms. Andrice Arp at the Top Shef after party.
*I unintentionally used "arp!" as an exclaimation sound in a comic once; ...not to do that again.


Mike D.

GABAGOOL! cartoonist and teen heart-throb Mike Dawson.


Tom & Lili

True Story, Swear to God creator Tom Beland and wife Lili.
I'm charmed by this man despite the fact that the moans from their adjacent hotel room kept me up all night.


Raina T.

Hey, it's Raina Telgemeier, and she has brand new comics!!!
This poor girl had to listen to me shout "FREE COMICS" until all the freebies were off my table.
...and she still smiles.



Lines on Paper publicist Darcy doing a fine job.



The bouncing Babyhead booth.



Our pal Jessica trying to hang on to a days worth of comic book booty.



Nakedcomix' Jim Courtney about to get his ass kicked by Bruce at the Last Gasp offices.


Tandori Comics

Jammin' at Comic Releif's Comic Salon #9 in Berkeley.
The only problem with a jam after diner in an Indian restaurant is the gaseous aftermath.


The Bridge

Every vacation needs a picture perfect postcard shot.
Here's mine.


Almost died here.
I've gotta learn how to ride a bike like a grown up.
(*note to self- mind the big yellow signs when barreling at 40mph)


Angie & Graftina

"California girls" eat your hearts out.
I was glad to be back in NYC in time for Angie Mason's (lt.) opening at CBGB's
Gallery. Fellow artist, and good ol' pal, Christina Graf is pictured to the right.


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