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Comiclysm Art Show, Brooklyn, June 19, 2004:
(L to R) Dean Haspiel, Adam Suerte, Brian Musikoff, Sophie Crumb, Miss Lasko Gross, Cheese Hasselberger, Mike Dawson, Json $hithead (down), Chris Radtke (up)(...and out).



APE 2004- San Francisco, CA.



Aww, it's our wittle table.


Dirty D.

"Who farted?". Sir Daniel Hellman of Manhattan Island.


Johnny Arrr

Here's Johnny R. not sure what to make of his copy of MAULED!



Laurenn McCubbin and friend at the Kitchen Sink Magazine table.



Post Apocalyptic Funhouse Fredo!


my HERO!

The estimable Ms. Carol Lay (lt) and sister (rt).


Linda and Ron

"Dirty Linda" and "Poppa Gasp".


LG Warehouse

Penetrating the endless vaults during the Last Gasp mixer.



Hi, I'm Brian Musikoff, and sometimes my mom let's me draw cartoons with my helmet off.

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