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The PUCK Building- MoCCA 2004


Starting off a new day with bleeding eyes and BenT.


John K., Kaz, and Leib at the Who's Who table.


Golden Kevin Colden lickin' our display.


WTF, is that Tim Kelly or Madame Butterfly?


Mark McMurry after being called a "Dumb Jersey Whiteboy".


Sophie Crumb, Adam Suerte, & Sylke at the Urban Folk Art table.


GAAAH! I had no idea Stephen Price was a twin!!!!


The lovely Ms. Lauren Weinstein.


The ever accommodating MoCCA volunteer staff.


Sweet Gabrielle Bell after signing her latest book.


What's with the puss on the face, Danny?


Jason Little and Abby Denson backed against the wall at the Highwater afterparty.


Tom Neeley, Bishakh Som, & Andrice Arp at Union Pool Bar in Brooklyn.


Dave McKenna, Chris Radke, & Cheese Hasselberger representin' NYC dork style at Union Pool Bar.


Somehow McCubbin, Forsch, & Musikoff all wound up in the same photobooth by night's end.


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