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Despite the fact that we snagged this photo, this priest was NOT PLEASED with his findings at the Manual
Comics table. Look at his face! "The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!"


Now, this is a proper blessing.
> Snieder, Reilly, Davis.


Tomasz Kaczynski and Robyn Chapman were slinging their booty just over our left shoulder.


Sir Josh Frankel has an insatiable hunger for brains.


Eric Knisley was knise enough to add my boxes to his cart when a wheel broke off mine.
Pictured here is his new limited edition spiral bound Mickey Death book.


At the Comic Relief jam there was more Taj beer than paper on the tables.
Tom Neely kept singing " were jammin'", because he loves Marley.


In the belly of a sub that was never mauled at sea, thankfully.


Lots of folks were very hungover on Sunday.


Mr. Damien Jay contemplating where the hell he parked his car at the airport back in NYC.


One Vanessa Ruth Davis was:
a.) sad to be back in NYC
b.) queesy from a very hot and bumpy 5 hour flight
c.) trying to remember how to get back to the proper parking lot
d.) all of the above

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