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(Here are the few photos captured at the MAULED! #3 release party before the booze and rock started:)

Bishocking, isn't it? MAULED! #3 contributor Bishakh Som.


Evan Forsh, Dave McKenna and the Maul Girls were the first ones to arrive.


Cartoonist Kate Allen.


Milk and Cheese at first beer.


> Colden, Lasko-Gross, Terhorst, Ayo.


Ralph from Stuyvesant not quite sure to make of the comic scene.


Blacklight Spanish Gallion.

(...and that's all the photos that I was able to grab before my band
went on and I was slammed by an entourage of people and beer.)


"Lori Early's Army"


Here are some of the funny faces behind the NY chapter of the National Cartoonists Society.


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