MAULED! #4- release: June, 23 2007


26 pioneers of sequential safety have collaborated their efforts in order to bring you this 72 page illustrated book that reports mechanical mishaps. See the unlikely and gruesome results caused by mankind's technological advancements! Marvel at the irony of evolution as it happens right before your very eyes!


MAULED! #3- release: March 2005


You can swim, but you can not hide, for the great Bath is not with out it's disasters. 21 artists have covered 18 true and often strange tales of tragedy at sea in this whopping 64 page book!


MAULED! #2- release: 2/22/04


Dearest readers, it appears that well being just isn't an option here. Prepare your precious eyes to be mauled yet again, this time by the likes of Surgeons! See 16 demented cartoonists cover true stories of people that got, well, all messed up by their trusted Surgeons. Zoinks!


MAULED! #1- release: 6/22/03

Here's our first book, and it's actually a split release with House of Twelve comics. MAULED! is a 48 page anthology featuring 19 artists who interpret 18 true stories of people attacked at zoos around the world. In 1999 I started collecting stories of actual zoo maulings, and in 2002 my collective research was edit down to about 20 really bizarre attack stories. The featured Cartoonists, mostly people I know personally, were assigned stories in mid 2002 largely based on their drawing style, sense of humor, and how well their work would read in juxtaposition with the other artists selected. Here's a book that offers great contrast in both it's content and imagery. We have decided to publish this book not as celebration of mutilation, but rather to present a humorous perspective demonstrating how idiotic our own species can behave in a somewhat controlled environment. -Brian

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An Axe Fell- release: 1/22/04

Brian Musikoff's true survival story about getting laid off and becoming a cartoonist, shown in clever juxtaposition to the sinking of the Titanic. This full color 5'' x 5'' book consists of 16 pages, neatly saddle bound, on high quality gloss paper.

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