MAULED! #3- The Ocean's 21:
Dave McKenna Dave McKenna's comics have appeared in Mauled!, House of Twelve, Legal Action Comics, his own minicomic Kosmostrator, and your mother. He currently has an adults-only solo comic (Monstaland) in the works. Email .

Evan Forsch Evan Forsch draws like hell in Brooklyn.

Mark McMurray Mark McMurray draws flags and letters manga for a living...he tries to do his own comics with any free time he can can check for more info.

Cheese Hasselberger While not only being a pretty decent sailor, Cheese Hasselberger is the publisher of House of Twelve Comics and organizer of the infamous HO12 Comic Jams in New York. You can see his books and more at

Josh Frankel Josh Frankel is only drawing comics until his professional basketball career takes off. See his latest news and highlights at

Stan Yan You may have seen Stan Yan's "Wang" sitting on your local comic book store shelves. You can subsidize his deviance at while free-riding on all of the free web comics there.

Mike Altman Altman never wanted to be anything but an artist...well, ok, batman, but other than that, nothing else. He has drawn, written and painted his way through life. He also guards the treasure, all the time. Contact him at

Lonnie Allen Lonnie Allen has self-published Tell Tale Signs, The Cheerleader and Other Stories, and Boxer #1 and his short stories have appeared in Expo 2004, 24-Hour Comics Day Highlights, and Potlatch 1&2 anthologies. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Peter S. Conrad Peter S. Conrad is getting a little better at cross-hatching.

Brian Musikoff Brian draws, publishes, serves, drinks, and rocks.

Fredo Fredo is the Executive Clown of the Post Apocalyptic Funhouse. No squids or frenchmen were harmed in the production of this comic.

William Bredbeck

William Bredbeck raises musk oxen and grows beets along the north shore of the Kuskokwim River. Sometimes he sits by the river with his good friend the Sssnole and smells the salt that comes in with the
tide. He lists his hobbies as watching lichen, swimming with beavers, and playing the saw.

Kate Allen Kate Allen's babysitter let her watch "Jaws" when she was six. She still can't go in the water without her lucky shark-repellant water wings.

Jenny Gonzalez Jenny Gonzalez is a crazy rat girl who's done comix, music,art installations, and knife twirling. Learn more at

Bishakh Som Bishakh's work has previously appeared in Hi-horse, (a four-person comics anthology of which he is a co-editor and contributing artist), and Legal Action Comics, vol. 2. His Xeric-winning collection Angel is out now and will be available at His ongoing webcomic Paradise Place can be seen at He lives in Brooklyn, NY and would love to hear from you:

Adam Suerte Brooklyn born Adam $uerte is the founder of the Artist collective ©Urban Folk Art. He is a tattooer, painter muralist, comic maker, and hopeless romantic. His work can be seen at

Omar Sanchez Omar Sanchez: Panamanian born artist, raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. Self trained artist, ex comic collector, ex graff writer, ©Urban Folk Art member, l.e.s. dweller, Echo Park claimer, canvass painter, bastard.

Karen Sneider There was no way this book would be released with out Karen Snieder.

Eric Knisley Eric Knisley has been making comics, music, animation and other cultural pollution in the hinterlands of North Carolina for thirty-some years. He has traded drawings of Batman for food on three continents. Fear his wrath at .

Michael Narren Michael Narren isn't done squandering the gifts god gave him, not by a long shot! For a full account of his recent squanderances, go to

Kevin Colden Admiral Kevin Colden sailed th' salty seas o' Pennsylvania an' New Jersey, until endin' up on a tiny but well-populated island in th' New York Harbor. He smells of rotten fish, has an eyepatch, a wooden leg, scurvy, an' has a website at  
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