MAULED! #2 includes work by:
Kevin Colden Kevin Colden has held many jobs, including hamster bottle manufacturer, picture framer, and DVD pornographer, but he's never worked in the medical profession (unless you count "Amateur Breast Cancer Examiner"). He currently gropes women in New York City.
Mike Dawson Mike Dawson is the publisher of the riotously funny and "in-your-face" ongoing comic series Gabagool!, a book that the kids go crazy for. Other works of his include Cabaret, a self-published graphic novel that details what it's like to be sad and misunderstood. SAMPLE!
Adriano Eduardo Adriano, the nameless cartoonist, commands an army of flying saucers ready to invade Earth and take over the world. But since he cannot make up his mind about which place in the world he should invade first, he lives in disguise as a struggling cartoonist in NYC. SAMPLE!
Cheese Hasselberger Cheese Hasselberger has never been mauled by medicine, but still hopes to be. When not dreaming of having four arms or Rosie Greer's head attached to his shoulder, publishes House of Twelve comics, hosts New York's famous BBM Comic Jams and has a weekly webstrip, "Barry". All of this and more can be found at SAMPLE!
Danny Hellman Danny Hellman is available for illustration spots and adult parties. SAMPLE!
Steve Hogan Steve Hogan's website is and includes his webcomic "Acid Keg", which has confused and disturbed people in over 40 countries (some of which he can't pronounce). He can be reached at
Randolph Hoppe Randolph Hoppe has had both an appendectomy and a frenectomy. He lives in Hoboken, N.J. and reads email sent to SAMPLE!
K. Thor Jensen K. Thor Jensen's comics can be seen basically everywhere. He hasn't been to a doctor in eleven years.

Neil Kleid Neil Kleid won a Xeric Grant to publish NINETY CANDLES, a 48 page graphic novella about the life of a cartoonist, one panel per year. The author/creator of RANT COMICS and BROWNSVILLE, an upcoming graphic novel from NBM, he harbors notions of writing comic books full time. Weep for him and get in touch at
Dave McKenna Having agreed to appear in this book while simultaneously serving on a jury that unanimously found in favor of the defendant in a malpractice lawsuit, Dave McKenna proudly adds "Hypocrite" to his list of achievements. His work can be seen in "Mauled" #1, "House of Twelve", "Legal Action Comics" vol. 2 and his own minicomic "Kosmostrator". SAMPLE!
Brian Musikoff Brian Musikoff draws, publishes, serves drinks, drinks drinks, plays rock, and buys too many records. SAMPLE!
Sharon Daugherty &
Michael Narren
Like Sonny and Cher, Sharon Daugherty and Michael Narren got each other, babe. That is until one of them (probably the big, bald one) skis into a tree. SAMPLE!
Dave Savage Dave Savage has been making art and mischief all of his life. He hopes that one day it'll make him some money. SAMPLE!
John Terhorst John Terhorst is a cartoonist and digital archivist who lives in New York. You can email him at SAMPLE!
Sean Taggart Sean Taggart met S. Clay Wilson when he was nine years old; he hasn't been
quite the same since.

Ulana Zahajkewycz Go see some of Ulana Zahajkewycz's current work at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, MN, in the exhibit titled Small Wonders Little Giants. Not in the area? Then just visit her at for an eyefull. She likes to wear them kooky hats. SAMPLE!
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