Who 'dat? Here are the cartoonistses appearing in MAULED!:
Angie Mason Angie Mason has been making her playful visions for quite some time now. Check out her menagerie of characters and worlds at www.angiemason.com and also visit her other site www.memory-jar.com/home.htm for more art and brain spills.
Adriano Eduardo

Adriano escaped from Brazil after committing a terrible crime. He doesn't like to talk about his past, and claims that he left everything behind to be a cartoonist today. You can check out his site www.smallcluecounty.com (but don't ask many questions, …God knows what you could find out.)

Brian Musikoff Producer and Editor of this book. When not obsessive about his cartoons, Brian can be found at the bar, either behind the stick or behind an empty pint glass. www.manualcomics.com SAMPLE!
Cheese Hasselberger Cheese Hasselberger publishes House of Twelve comics, hosts the NYC Bowery Bowel Movement Comics Jams and thinks "ED" (starring Matt LaBlanc) is one of the finest pieces of American cinema ever created. He can be reached through www.houseoftwelve.com. SAMPLE!
Danny Hellman Danny Hellman is an editorial illustrator/cartoonist who experiences daily maulings at the paws of his cat Zero. Hellman's work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Time, The Wall Street Journal, Hustler and Screw. For more info, visit: www.dannyhellman.com SAMPLE!
Dave McKenna Dave McKenna currently has work appearing in House of Twelve #2 and Legal Action Comics #2. Emails are welcome at kosmostrator@yahoo.com .
Dave Savage Dave Savage started his artist career as a 3 year old at the H&H School of Adventure. He drew a picture of Batman with a bone through his nose and it's all been downhill ever since. www.savagemonsters.com SAMPLE!
Evan Forsch Evan loves making comics as much as he loves writing bios. evan4sh@yahoo.com SAMPLE!
Jenny Gonzalez Jenny Gonzalez is a cartoonist/illustrator and the lead singer for a band called Mz. Pakman. To see her comic "Too Negative" and check out other stuff visit her website: http://www.angelfire.com/ny3/devildoll
Joe Meyer Meyer lives & works somewhere on Long Island. He does a daily autobio strip called 365joe that you can get emailed to you for free by sending an email to x365joex@yahoo.com SAMPLE!
John Terhorst Cartoonist John Terhorst sat on an alligator when he was 12 years old, and other than that, a cat bite is as close as he gets to wild life attacks. John_Terhorst@hotmail.com SAMPLE!
K. Thor Jensen K. Thor Jensen lives in New York and drinks. He recently sprained his thumb riding a mechanical bull in northern Kentucky. PO Box 250593, New York, NY, 10025 or www.shortandhappy.com SAMPLE!
Karl Heitmueller Illustrator / writer / cartoonist / bartender (not necessarily in that order) Karl Heitmueller's comic strips include YOU DON'T LIKE ANYTHING!, S'TAN & SOCIAL GRACE and THE RETAIL ADVENTURES OF KALLI & REX. Those projects and his latest undertaking are visible at www.toughguygoods.com. SAMPLE!
Kevin Colden Kevin Colden draws comics good. His scribblings have appeared in WEIRD NJ, on his bathroom walls, and on his website: www.kevincolden.com SAMPLE!
Miss Lasko-Gross Miss Lasko-Gross' artwork has been featured in Screw magazine, at CBGB's gallery and the New Museum of Contemporary Art NYC. For a copy of her comic book AIM, email misskesh@aol.com
Steve Price Steve Price's cartoons have appeared in Newsday, The Long Island Press, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, and on the Ramones' infamous "Beat on the Brat" T-shirt. The winner of several minor illustration awards, his comics work includes Radio Comix, Furrlough#106, the self-published "One to a Customer" and the imminent "Karmikaze: Princess of Payback". SAMPLE!
Tim Kelly Tim Kelly's work has appeared in the Amityville Record, Gray Areas, Pussy, and now MAULED! His "Zook and Max" comics can be found at http://www.angelfire.com/ny4/timkelly19/
Ulana Zahajkewycz Ulana Zahajkewycz (that's YOU-LA-NA) is quite fond of comics and illustration. She has received both her BFA and MFA in illustration and is NOT afraid to work. No sir. Contact her at ulanaz@yahoo.com for more information. SAMPLE!
William Bredbeck William Bredbeck is a 92 year old hermaphrodite. He was voted hermaphrodite most likely to succeed as a cartoonist in 1922. You can find more of him at www.sssnole.com SAMPLE!
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