MAULED! #4- Pioneers of sequential safety:

Liz Baillie's main exports include her minicomic, "My Brain Hurts”, and her webcomic, "Freewheel." Her state capital is and her state bird is the dwarf hamster.

Kate Allen lives in New York City , where she studiously avoids contact with all machinery except escalators and "personal massagers".

Mark Gonyea is a tv watching, pizza eating, game playing, dew drinking, cartoonist and graphic artist who lives in Vermont and works on his website,

Peter S. Conrad is a comics merchant and unicycle n00b in Northern California.

Dave Savage toils at American Greetings and at the Savage Monsters Secret Lair, both located in the Greater Cleveland, OH area.,

Dimitri Simakis is a 25 year old person who does things in Chicago by way of Ohio.  His things are at|

Jeff Wilson is from St. Louis and does a comic called SAP.

Damien Jay can be found in the East Bay of San Francisco. His comics can be found at

To hear the sound of Pat James Longo's art over the smell of his music grab the ideas as they drain from his head but avoid the flavor of his opinions because they never see eye-to-eye.

Rob Reilly has been cartooning in central NJ since the tender age of 5 and is best known for his pull-no-punches indie comic hit "Convention Confessional" as well as pin-ups published in several Image Comic publications.

Michael Narren, from his new Brooklyn office, is sole curator of, which explains why it hasn't been updated in quite a while.

Michelangelo Cicerone likes drawing comics overnight because it creates the same euphoria as Moses experienced when talking to the burning bush.

Avi Spivak's work has appeared in various publications and he is currently editing a rock n' roll
magazine called Humanbeing Lawnmower.

Ken Dahl lives in a grease-powered truck.

Marguerite Dabaie loves drawing comics while eating pizza in Brooklyn . NY.

Ulana Zahajkewycz, freelance illustrator, instructor and lover of all things cute (don't judge). Ulana teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in lovely Minnesota: land of 10, 000 lakes and some bogs and about 200 really deep puddles, and home to towns that compete for the title of "coldest town.

Trevor Alixopulos lives in Santa Rosa , California and is the author of the graphic novel Mine Tonight.

Scott Derby is a Philly area cartoonist with below-average looks and limited talent.

Fredo is a cartoonist and illustrator residing in Oakland CA. Whatever fears his mother couldn't instill in him, reading the last three issues of MAULED has! 

Cheese Hasselberger is the publisher of House of Twelve Comics and loves robots.

If Dave McKenna ever loses a limb to a machine, he would rather have it replaced with a groovy prosthetic device than let the doctors re-attach an old dead piece of meat.

Wayno, who once shook hands with Mister T, is based in Pittsburgh
PA, and on the web at

Steve Hogan is a Burlington , Vermont cartoonist and illustrator who would be anti-machine if he didn't have a webcomic named ACID KEG that needs computers to exist. (He still thinks cell phones make gas stations explode though.)

Will Krause was born in 1977 in Utica, New York and studied industrial design and breaking things in Detroit before moving on to making comics and cartoons including "Utica Cartoon" and the forthcoming "Upstate Four" for Cartoon Network.

Bishakh Som’s work has previously appeared in Hi-horse (co-editor and contributing artist), Legal Action Comics vol. 2, Mauled #3, Blurred Vision #1 and soon, Blurred Vision #3. His Xeric-winning collection Angel is available at and you can contact him at

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